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Note – I do not currently offer in-person sessions. I help clients everywhere via telephone, skype, and whatsapp.

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Background and training

I’ve been in private practice since earning my Hakomi Therapist certification in 2008 upon completion of an accredited three year training and supervision program with lead trainer Beth Falch-Nielsen.

Mindful Experiential Therapy Approaches (also known as M.E.T.A.), somatic processing, and trauma therapy were included with the Hakomi curriculum. I also had the good fortune to learn directly from the founder of the Hakomi method, Ron Kurtz, shortly before his passing in 2011.The Re-connection handbook for couples - by Justice Schanfarber - web box3

My additional training as a Co-Active Coach provides a bold, straight-talking counter-balance to the slow and gentle approach of Hakomi.

I also draw on complementary modalities and wisdom traditions including archetypal and depth psychology, the enneagram, sexual and erotic energies (tantra, taoist etc), non-violent communication, family systems theory, the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, and various body-centred somatic mindfulness practices.

The training I’ve done has given me a solid foundation for my work, but frankly it is the insight gained from years of working with individuals and couples on their intimate issues, deepest pains, and most powerful desires that has taught me the most.

I work differently from purely cognitive based counsellors and therapists. Rather than just talking about an issue, I help clients get out of their head and explore the feelings that define their experience, moment to moment. I have a direct, collaborative, down to earth approach and I relate to my clients like people not patients.

Many of my clients originally sought my help on a marriage or relationship issue, and then have continued working with me, sometimes for many years, because of the ongoing growth and expansion our conversations provide.

“Justice offered me a perspective I had never considered, helping me to take responsibility for my part and stepping up to take my place where I belong. Justice’s approach is refreshing. He doesn’t beat around the bush too much, wasting time and energy being too formal. He wants to help you make the adjustments you need.” ~ Andrew B, Canada

Books and writing

I’ve written two relationship books and dozens of articles on relationship topics. My writing has been read by ten million people in two hundred countries, and has been translated into at six languages. Articles have been featured in The Huffington Post and Good Men Project.

On a personal note

Some clients are interested in who I am personally and what attracted me to this work. I try to be reasonably transparent about myself, while cautioning them against measuring my life experience against their own.

I’m in my early fifties, have been married twice, and have children. I’ve been in a variety of long term and short term relationships – some conventional, some unconventional.

When my first marriage disintegrated I was in deep emotional pain. A counsellor helped me find my way and also sparked a deep personal interest into the nature of love, sex and relationships. This interest grew into a professional journey that continues today.

I’ve been to counselling/therapy many times over the course of my life and have had experiences with counsellors ranging from wonderful to terrible. I know how important it is to work with a counsellor or therapist that feels right for you.

My professional community of colleagues and mentors is important to me and I continue to meet and consult with them on topical life and work issues. I truly love my work and feel like it’s an honour to be able to share my gifts with so many people all over the world.

“Justice came into my Hakomi training as a ‘natural’ at learning Hakomi. He has the ability to listen deeply, feel into a person’s experience, and to create safety in a relationship – all qualities valued in Hakomi. In learning the method, he was not encumbered with defending other modalities and was able to shift into embracing the use of mindfulness and somatic understanding easily. His warm, playful spirit and ability to think outside the box are also gifts he brings to his clients.” ~ Beth Falch-Nielsen, Certified Hakomi Therapist and Hakomi Trainer, Registered Clinical Counsellor 

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