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Do you want to feel good?
First steps to emotional mastery and creative control of your life
One-day zoom workshop with Justice Schanfarber
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This is a rare opportunity to get a first-hand experience of my most current, leading edge teachings in a group setting from the comfort of your home. I’ve never done something quite like this before, and I’m really excited to be putting together this special event for you.

Would you like to feel better, more often, regardless of the changing circumstances you encounter?

How you feel is the primary creative force determining your life experience, including your relationships.

Unlocking this creative force begins with this knowledge:

Feeling good (positive emotion) creates wanted experiences. Feeling bad (negative emotion) creates unwanted experiences.

It’s a simple equation with far-reaching consequences. You can either cultivate emotional mastery and create your own destiny, or you can live by default, letting circumstances and emotions have their way with you. You really do get to choose.

I’ve worked as a marriage counsellor and therapist for over a decade, and this intimate work with hundreds of individuals and couples has led me to a profound discovery: We create the quality of our life experience from the inside-out with the power of emotion.

Through the practical application of a few simple principles, I have achieved a level of emotional mastery, satisfaction and creative control over my own life that I never before imagined. I want to help anyone who is ready to do the same.

In this course, I will provide you with:

  • A basic conceptual framework for better understanding yourself within the context of emotion (feeling)
  • Practices for intentionally creating a better feeling life experience from the inside out
  • A forum for asking questions, exploring answers, and deepening your understanding through interaction

… all of this is rooted in my own personal stories, which I will share in the course.

The basic conceptual framework:

Wanting to feel good is your nature, and it’s the best foundation, starting point, and organizing principle for living a satisfying life.

You are simultaneously an energy-based, infinite being and a physically-based, temporal being. Many people have an intuitive sense of this, even if they haven’t figured out the fuller implications.

The fuller implications include something very important and relevant to the theme of this course: When the physical (“ego”) aspect of you is in harmony with the energy (“spiritual”) aspect of you, you experience this as positive emotion. When these two aspects are at odds, or misaligned, you experience this as negative emotion.

There’s a lot to digest here, but the key point is this:

Embodying positive emotion gets you more of what you want, embodying negative emotion gets you more of what you don’t want.

I want you to get what you want, and that’s what this course is all about. I want you to feel good for two reasons:

First, feeling good is your true nature and its own reward; it simply feels good to feel good.

Second, feeling good is the key to getting, and enjoying, all that you desire, whether it’s physical “things”, relationships, or all manner of experiences. If you feel good first, the things you want will flow more easily to you.

Check if these ideas feel resonant for you. If so, you’re going to enjoy this course. If not, see how much resistance is present. You can tell by how you feel as you entertain the idea. If your openness outweighs your resistance, you’re welcome to join us. If your resistance is really loud, this probably isn’t the course for you right now. Trust your intuition.

It’s important that you come with a genuine desire to feel good, hence the name of the course (there’s a personal story behind the name that I look forward to sharing with you).

Additional ideas we’ll explore:

The two main categories of feeling are: Feeling good/better and feeling bad/worse (a.k.a. positive emotion and negative emotion). You only need to distinguish between two general categories of feeling in order to start closing the gap between where you find yourself now and where you want to be. In fact, analyzing your thoughts and feelings beyond these two general categories can be a disadvantage.

The common way of understanding emotion is that it is a result of life conditions. That is, the way you feel hinges on what is happening to you or around you. This is not a very helpful or empowering perspective, though it is likely to be your reality until you know better. A better understanding turns this on end: Your emotional experience is a powerful creative force that shapes your life internally and externally. In other words, intentionally shape your emotion first, from the inside-out, and your circumstances will follow accordingly.

You have three primary operating systems to guide you through life: Cognition, emotion, and sensation. Your relationship to each of these three systems can be refined and deepened into infinitely subtler levels. The more subtly you sense and engage each of these within you, the more power you give yourself to consciously shape your life experience. There is so much to work with in this context.

Practical objectives:

Learn how to quickly and accurately recognize those thoughts and feelings that serve you (wanted), and those that do not (unwanted).

Learn to quickly shift course toward thoughts and feelings that help, not hinder.

Harmonize your three operating systems (cognition, emotion, sensation) so that they can do what they were designed for: provide clarity, self-guidance and satisfaction.

Sensitize yourself to the subtler forms of thought and feeling for greater power in creating experiences that feel good.

Develop communication habits (with yourself and others) that support your creation of your most wanted experiences.

Also worth knowing about this course:

There’s a “spiritual” element, but maybe not like you’re accustomed to. The spiritual aspect of this course is treated as practical knowledge and is applied for your satisfaction and benefit in the here and now. There’s no spiritual dogma, elaborate rituals or great fanfare. I considered not including the spiritual component because it can sometimes be challenging to articulate, but it’s really central to what I am teaching, and so I’ve attempted to find accessible language that will be resonant for even the most logically oriented minds.

It’s all about you. There’s no benefit in comparing yourself to others in the group or trying to reach any kind of consensus. In a way we’re “all in it together”, and we have synchronistic cooperative roles to play in each other’s lives, but first we are each a universe unto ourselves, unique souls having unique experiences. This isn’t about finding unity with others, it’s about the relationship between you and how you feel, regardless of how others are doing it (or not doing it). You’re here to help yourself. Take care of that, and you will be serving others immeasurably and effortlessly, by example.

I know no better way to grow, evolve, heal, or otherwise improve a marriage or relationship. Many years as a couples counsellor has introduced me to all the popular (and some of the lesser known) relationship therapies and theories. My quest for deeper-reaching understanding, insight, and effectiveness in this area is never-ending. This course will bring you up to date with the leading edge of what I have discovered.

You’re not broken, and neither is the world. There’s no salvation or redemption needed (or offered) here.

This is not a support group in any conventional sense (though you will likely find great resonance with others in your desire and ability to feel good). It’s not a place to air grievances, or a sounding board for what you perceive to be going wrong in your life or in the world. This course is ultimately about one thing: Learning to shape yourself to be an emotional match for what you want.

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