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VIDEO: Facebook live Q&A on relationship themes

I recently had a lovely chat with my friend, neighbour, and yoga teacher Nicole Berns. She invited me as part of a course she’s offering, and I thought I would share the video here with you as well. (Click here to view the video now).

We got riffing on some resonant topics over the course of an hour, while the sunlight wanes… By the end we’re sitting in near darkness, but hopefully the conversation continues to provide some illumination!

Some of the themes we cover –

  • The three main operating systems for human beings (rational, emotional, survival).
  • The evolution of marriages and relationships.
  • Good and bad types of conflict.
  • We also touch on yoga, personal growth edges, chakras, Nicole’s own relationship, and more!

[Nicole Berns is the founder of Wild Well-Being, an online wellness platform, and the Empowered Lover Program, a 5-week online adult sex-ed course. She is a yoga instructor, alpine guide, and retreat leader building programs that allow you to enjoy your body. You can read up on her work by visiting]

Please feel free to add your comments and questions, and to share this video with your friends who might need it.

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Justice Schanfarber

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