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Here are two couples retreats you won’t want to miss this summer!

Three gifted marriage counselling facilitators/therapists are offering two separate couples retreats in BC, Canada this summer (2018). I’ve worked with the presenters and can confidently recommend them: Judith Ansara and Robert Gass’s Sharing the Path Couples Retreat, and Beth Falch-Nielsen’s Keeping Love Alive Summer Camp for couples.

Sharing the Path – Judith Ansara and Robert Gass

Robert Gass Judith Ansara Hollyhock

I assisted at last year’s Sharing the Path couples retreat and I came away with a lot of respect for Robert and Judith and their teaching team. Read my takeaways from the experience – “What I learned at the couples retreat – 7 key takeaways from ‘Sharing the Path’ with Judith Ansara and Robert Gass at Hollyhock retreat centre” > click here.

August 5-10, 2018
Hollyhock Centre
Cortes Island, BC, Canada

Rekindle and deepen your experience of love and connection. Several thousand couples have attended our profound couples’ retreats. Many report that the experience was life-changing. Virtually all found their relationships infused with renewed passion, more skillful communication, enhanced mutual respect, deeper friendship, and greater joy and pleasure.

In a respectful and safe way, you will be both challenged and supported to break out of old unskillful habits and be guided in the practices of conscious relationship—authenticity, self-responsibility, empathy, appropriate boundaries, sacred sexuality, deep listening and effective problem solving. You will practice with the content that is most relevant to you and your partnership, thus tailoring the retreat to meet your specific needs. Our time together is also infused with play and fun–something many couples report wanting more of. And of course, simply time dedicated to just the two of you! You will go home with important skills and tools to continue creating a life you love.

For those who already share a good and loving connection, this retreat is an opportunity to develop your skills, and discover new levels of intimacy. For those who are feeling more challenged in partnership, Sharing the Path offers healing ways to rekindle and strengthen your connection and love.

All couples welcome.

(From the Hollyhock retreat centre website – click for more info.)

Keeping Love Alive Summer Camp – Beth Falch-Nielsen (with Richard Klein and Yogita Bouchard)

Beth Falch-Nielsen is a lead trainer with the Hakomi Institute and has been a friend and mentor for over a decade. I’ve done her workshop personally and recommend her wholeheartedly.

August 24-29, 2018
Mountain Waters Retreats
Nelson, BC, Canada

Join us for a unique 5 day Couples Retreat that will breathe new life into your relationship. You will have afternoons to enjoy the many recreational activities that Nelson has to offer, or to just rest and catch up with each other. In the six hours of daily course time (morning and evening) you will get both the tools, and new experiences together, that will allow you to change the unconscious dynamics that underlie conflict, opening the door to more connection in your relationship.

Having the right tools and reconnecting to what is really important can change relationships profoundly. Whether you are in crisis, just stuck, wanting to enrich what you already have, or find yourself at the beginning of your relationship and want guidance in how to “do it right from the beginning”, this workshop will give you a deeper understanding of relationship dynamics and effective tools to support you to create the alive and loving relationship you want.

This workshop will:
1. Offer experiential exercises that will give you concrete skills to take home. It is an opportunity to stop doing what isn’t working, and to start doing something that will.
2. Provide an opportunity to have a different experience – to re-connect, to shift attitudes, and to learn how to nourish and care for your relationship.
3. Help you, if you are in crisis and trying to make a decision about the life of your relationship, by providing models and tools to help you use a different lens to filter your decision through, and by assisting you to connect to a deeper, wiser, and less reactive part of yourself to make that decision from.

(From the Mountain Waters Retreat Centre website – click for more info.)

[Note – I have no financial interest in either of these events, nor am I involved as an organizer or presenter. Please contact the organizers directly for registration and information.]

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8-week Relationship Intensive - Justice Schanfarber

Campbell River Marriage Counselling Justice Schanfarber Trying to grow, fix, change, understand or save your marriage? I provide couples therapy, marriage counselling, coaching and mentoring to individuals and couples on the issues that make or break relationships – Sessions by telephone/skype worldwide. Email justice@justiceschanfarber.com to request a client info package. www.JusticeSchanfarber.com

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Poetry writing workshop with Justice Schanfarber in Campbell River

I’m happy to be partnering with the Campbell River Arts Council to present this poetry writing workshop –

“Beauty and trouble find you – A simple poetry writing workshop for complex people”

When: Saturday, April 16, Noon-4pm
Where: Sybil Andrews Cottage, 2131 South Island Highway in Willow Point (click for map)
Cost: $40
Registration: Call the Arts Council at 250-923-0213 to register.

Poetry penetrates surfaces and engages a deeper part of us. We each have a poetic voice, and if we are called to use it we will find ourselves gazing into the essential nature of experiences, people and things. The writing of poems is a kind of reporting on what we find. It is a gift to the writer and to the reader, and it is something we can all do.

The focus of this workshop will be less on form, and more about uncovering the essence of what we see or feel, and giving it a voice. This workshop is especially for beginner poets, but all are welcome.

Justice Schanfarber is a mindfulness based therapist, writer, educator and poet who believes that the poetic mind is a source of wisdom, humour and healing. He has self-published two poetry chapbooks since 2012. Read his work at www.wonderstruckpoems.com.

Campbell River Counselling - Justice Schanfarber - Hakomi







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Anxiety relief – A mindfulness based approach (8-week group program)

Anxiety relief – A mindfulness based approach
8-week group program

When: Sundays 6-8pm
Jan 10 – Mar 6
(No session Feb 14)

Where: Flow Yoga Studio
58 Adams Rd, Campbell River BC

Cost: $340 ($290 if you register before Dec 16)

To register: Call 250-204-3301 or come in to the studio.

Invite your friends on facebook > https://www.facebook.com/events/952211908182199/

Anxiety relief - A mindfulness based approach 8-week group program

The life of a human being is an anxiety producing endeavour. In one form or another anxiety is always impacting our relationships, our family life, our health and our overall happiness. And yet most people understand very little about anxiety and how to manage it.

In this 8-week program we will –

~ practice mindfulness based tools for managing anxiety as it arises
~ examine the causes and impact of anxiety in our lives and relationships
~ explore the meaning that anxiety might hold for you

Sessions will combine lecture, group discussion, exercises and real-time coaching.

About the facilitator –
Justice Schanfarber is a mindfulness based counsellor and Certified Hakomi Therapist helping individuals and couples in Campbell River BC and worldwide by telephone and skype. www.JusticeSchanfarber.com email: justice@justiceschanfarber.com

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Anxiety relief – A mindfulness based approach (Workshop October 14, 2015)

WHAT: Anxiety relief – A mindfulness based approach (workshop)
WHEN: 6-9pm pm Oct 14, 2015
WHERE: Flow Yoga Studio – 58 Adams rd. Willow Point, Campbell River
COST: $69 + tax
INFO: 778 996-3821 (Presenter) To reserve your spot call Flow Yoga 250 204-3301

Anxiety relief mindfulness workshop

The life of a human being is an anxiety producing endeavour. In one form or another anxiety is always impacting our relationships, our family life, our health and our overall happiness. And yet most people understand very little about anxiety and how to manage it.

In this 3-hour workshop you will learn –

* what anxiety really is, and how it invisibly runs our lives and relationships
* mindfulness based tools for managing anxiety as it arises
* how to use “anxiety awareness” as a tool for resolving conflict in ourselves and with others

Justice will be sharing the model of mindfulness based anxiety management that he uses with clients worldwide.

About the presenter –
Justice Schanfarber is a mindfulness based counsellor and Certified Hakomi Therapist helping individuals and couples in-person in Campbell River BC, and worldwide via phone/skype. www.JusticeSchanfarber.com

Cost: $69 +tax.
To reserve your space: Call Flow Yoga Studio (250) 204-3301.

Hakomi Workshop at Ocean Mountain Yoga Feb 28, 2015

Campbell River Hakomi counselling workshop Feb 28 2015What: Hakomi Workshop
When: 12 noon – 2pm, February 28, 2015
Where: Ocean Mountain Yoga, Campbell River
REGISTER HERE: Hakomi Workshop at Ocean Mountain Yoga – Registration Page

Assisted Self Inquiry:
An introduction to the Hakomi Method

Hakomi is a mindfulness based, body centred modality favoured by counsellors and therapists who value a holistic approach to healing. Rooted in principles of non-violence, organicity and mind-body integration, a Hakomi session has the therapist acting as a collaborator and guide, gently helping the client deepen into their present-moment experience where insights and resources can naturally emerge.

This is a rare opportunity to witness a full length one-on-one Hakomi session. A volunteer will be selected in advance to be in the client role. Participant observers will get an introduction to the method before the session and will have an opportunity to debrief and get their questions answered afterward.

This event will be especially valuable for those facing life challenges of their own, for wellness professionals interested in the method, and for anyone curious about using mindfulness therapeutically or for their own insight, healing and growth.

Note – If you’re interested in being in the client role for the demonstration please contact the presenter using the contact information below. Many people have the found the experience of doing a session in front of a supportive group to be very gratifying. There’s no cost to the client volunteer.

Justice Schanfarber, CHT
Phone 778 996-3821
Email justice@justiceschanfarber.com

REGISTER HERE: Hakomi Workshop at Ocean Mountain Yoga – Registration Page

To view the workshop handout click here or on the image below – Justice Schanfarber Counselling – Ocean Mountain Yoga Hakomi workshop handout (.pdf)

Justice Schanfarber Counselling - Campbell River Hakomi handout

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