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‘Contradictions, Manipulations & The Tyranny of Orgasm’ – Relationship podcast

Lee Davy podcast

I was recently interviewed by Lee Davy at Needy Helper for his Alcohol and Addiction podcast. Lee asks excellent questions and we ended up having quite a lively and candid conversation,  mostly about relationship topics gleaned from my book The Re-Connection Handbook for Couples: Insights and practices for cultivating love, sex, and intimacy (even in difficult times), including the themes that became the title of this particular podcast episode – “Contradictions, Manipulations, and the Tyranny of Orgasm.”

As well as asking great questions, Lee shared experiences from his own relationships, including his challenges, learnings, and foibles. He talks openly about his history of manipulating his partner to try and get the upper hand, and about his hypocrisy in punishing his partner for her contradictions while assuming the right to his own.

One of my favourite moments of the conversation is when Lee shares that, immediately after reading the section of my book about sex, he acknowledged to his partner that he unconsciously uses her for sexual release. Although she’s not surprised by his admission (“Yes, I know…”), his apology touches her, and I can imagine the tenderness of the scene playing out between them.

I found myself admiring my host’s willingness to confront his darker aspects publicly throughout our conversation. Listening back on the recording, it strikes me as a rewarding mix of humour, ease, tension, and poignancy. Lee’s revelations from his own relationship experiences ring true for me, and I bet you’ll find his stories and lines of inquiry illuminating.

Listen to the podcast now – Click here.

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