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Are you looking for belonging and worthiness in your relationship?

Belonging and worth in relationship

You belong. You just do. You are worthy. You just are. Your very presence here confirms your worthiness and your belonging. The same energy that birthed this planet, all the planets and stars, indeed the universe… this same energy animates you. You are that.

Many people struggle in their relationships for a feeling of worthiness and belonging, but that’s not where you find the most potent versions. Two people might come together and celebrate their intrinsic belonging and worth with one another (these are the most creative and joyous relationships) but people can not give this to one another in the same way that we discover it in ourselves.

When we remove our focus from trying to obtain a feeling of belonging and worthiness from the other (or provide it to them), and redirect that focus into discovering, affirming, and celebrating it within, then we become ready for the kind of relationship that is abundance rather than scarcity, clarity rather than confusion, satisfaction rather than disappointment. But not everyone is ready for this. If you are, great, enjoy! If you are not, may this message serve as a gentle reminder, an invitation, an idea maybe worth considering.

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